Goddess Workshops

10414439_10203715615000502_5601933117815879725_nGorgeous Goddess Journeys of Self Discovery & Empowerment

The Goddess weekends are lots of fun and very grounded, but we also touch stars and ignite fires! Open to everyone, no age limits or pre conditions … Other than being female

Reclaiming your Power

Are you ready to reclaim & activate your Cauldron of Creative Potential, the incubator of life that gives birth to new stories? To realign with Goddess energy, embody the Divine Feminine and anchor deep in the Earth Mother? Are you ready to reconnect with the power of nature, inside and out? To step into your full power, reclaiming your body, true essence and full potential?

Healing the Past

Are you ready to heal on deeper levels in order to claim who you truly are, in full? Claiming our power and potential as whole and complete womb-men. Reclaiming & connecting to our bodies, becoming attentive to their messages,  appreciating the wisdom inherent within. Reclaiming the pleasure principle and our right to happiness, reclaiming our minds from subconscious beliefs, expectations and judgements we have absorbed from our society, culture, families and pier groups, reclaim our full emotional power, our enhanced energetic blueprint and our true essence.

1489213_434896606666332_1483129411957500637_nClearing & Healing Techniques

Our approach will be multi faceted, working with body, breath, energy, visualisation and Karmic clearance to heal on all levels.

We will use specific techniques to free ourselves from limiting beliefs, karma and conditioning that disempowers us as women. We will also begin the journey to free our bodies and cellular memories from all encounters of the past, which are retained in the womb and continue to affect us on subtle and everyday levels, as the womb holds the cellular memory & information of all our past intimate encounters. Unless consciously cleared, the womb holds the energy of everyone we have had sexual contact with as well as all surgical procedures, (and emotions around them,) pregnancies & births. Clearing any birth trauma can also have a resonant positive effect on the child.

Explore & Connect to Goddess Energy and the Divine Feminine

Working with the Goddess energies, we will develop a whole new network of support, gifting us qualities and attributes to further our dreams and our awakening. Working with the Divine Feminine we enhance our source connection and dance more fully with Life and our paths, opening to the power beyond vulnerability, creativity, wisdom, nurturing, positive use of power, caring, all encompassing love, not only for ourselves, but also bringing forth these qualities for all of humanity and the planet at this critical time.

68962_920884064608178_3937163984659724658_nLearning to love ourselves and therefore increase our ability to accept love from others, to therefore feel more loved & loveable, appreciating & valuing our uniqueness of body as well as spirit, path and experience. Learning to love ourselves is a fundamental & key step on the spiritual path. We cannot be one with all that is if we cannot be one with our own body and all its functions.

It is impossible to love ourselves fully when we hold the belief that a part of us in ‘bad,’ ‘ugly’ or unacceptable in some way. We will therefore awaken & reclaim our sensuality & sexuality for ourselves. Not for others, not for society – but for ourselves, for the earth, for humanity, in order to claim our wholeness and completeness. We will free ourselves from limiting beliefs, karma and conditioning that dis-empowers us as women and therefore as fully functioning physical, mental, emotional, sexual, energetic & spiritual beings.

The body is the vehicle of the spirit. It is beautiful, it is perfect, it is spiritualised form – not just some of it – all of it! We can be heart based, kind, compassionate, loving beings. But without full integration and transmutation of all karmic, ancestral, societal, cultural and familial, negative, limiting and blocking beliefs & influences, thought forms, implants and conditioning, we will never power up to the next level. For that takes a degree of inner freedom, wholeness and integrity not possible while we are still shut off from our own bodies through other’s control. Imagine, for a moment, the open, loving, fully functioning heart chakra, fuelled by the fully functioning powerbase of the base chakra! We reclaim our power.

When we claim back our power, individually and collectively, we will shepherd in a new age of a sharing, caring, nurturing society, based on values of the heart and fuelled by our full creative power. Elizabeth Harley

Date/Time Event
01/09/2017 - 03/09/2017
All Day
Awakening the Goddess
Avalon, Roseisle Moray
03/11/2017 - 05/11/2017
All Day
Awakening the Goddess
Skene House, Whitehall, Aberdeen

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We begin the weekends on the Friday evenings, to make the most of  our time together. Please feel free to get in touch with me by email elizpeace@live.co.uk or phone 01343 209616 if you have any questions.