Animal Communication

 Animal%203Inter Species Communication

Animal communication is actually simple and easy. Anyone can learn how to do it. The hardest part is getting over our belief that it is difficult or that we might not be good enough. On this 2 day course, you will have the opportunity to communicate with domestic as well as wild animals and even other aspects of nature, e.g. plants or trees. Your experience will give you confidence in your own innate ability and you will have the tools you need to carry on fine tuning your rewarding new skills.

430832_545868118759334_1419562760_nBenefits of Animal Communication

Animal Communication can be very useful for our animal companions, allowing us to find out about their behaviours, motivations, fears, concerns, needs, emotional state, health & wellbeing. We can provide them with information to comfort, reassure and protect them. It helps us to understand them better and to improve our relationship with them. Positive communication benefits both parties in the sharing of wisdom, compassion and understanding. Communicating with other species can open our world and can even challenge existing, unexamined  beliefs we may hold, thereby expanding our own consciousness.

ONLINE OPTION: Individual tuition over 3 sessions with presentation, discussion, exercises, manual and on going support. Book here then get in touch to arrange your sessions.

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11156312_580571835405042_811642632787788477_nHistory of Animal Communication

12,000 years ago we began to use animals as our property. In setting ourselves ‘above’ other animals we lost the previous innate, natural ability to communicate with all of nature. (Many indigenous peoples retain this ability.) For me, animal or ‘Inter Species’ communication is one of the best tools we have to take us back to our roots, to a place where we can live in harmony and respect for all life forms and we can once again take our place as part of nature rather than opposing and destroying the planet on who’s existence we all depend. Once you have deeply connected and received the wisdom of our fellow nations their intelligence, wisdom and knowing permeates our consciousness. We can no longer consider them our moral, intellectual or emotional inferiors. We have so much to learn and the animals are willing to communicate with us once more.


Animal communication is possible through telepathy – an ability we all possess. This ability to interlink, to tune into the wavelength or signature frequency of another being, even at distance is possible because we are all truly interconnected through the infrastructure of all life. From quantum physics we know that where there is matter, there is energy, and where there is energy there is consciousness. The quantum field exists throughout all matter, energy and consciousness. Quanta forms atoms, atoms form molecules and molecules form all complex as well as simple beings. Each emotion we have is energy and every thought has an electromagnetic emission – we are all constantly emitting waves. Telepathy is simply a data exchange, a mind to mind, (or heart to heart or soul to soul) transference of data, which is then translated according to our own ability and data bank  – the data can be perceived as images, there may be emotions, words or concepts, physical sensations or a knowing. It is not just about thought emissions, we also connect from the heart from a place of kinship and recognition. We all have differing ways of perceiving, so our experience of communicating will differ. Obviously the animal is not speaking in English or any other human language, however, when we connect with them in a particular way we can receive the energy on our ‘wavelength,’ and our brain then interprets it in a way we can understand  – e.g. language. There are also simple techniques of daily communication with our pets which can be very helpful to both people and pets!

Animal Communication Training

I originally trained with the lovely Amy Davidson, Aberdeen, then did a course author and behavioural and wildlife biologist Toni Frohoff in San Diego in 2010 I have since completed the Inter-Species Communication and the Advanced courses with Anna Breytenbach from South Africa.

Here is a link to Anna’s moving video of her communicating with a black leopard Anna’s Video
Here is a lovely short video of a rescued chimp being released back to the wild. What he does clearly shows the sentience of animals Jane Goodall’s video