Ascension is our journey to wholeness, to completion, to coming home, to revealing our fullest spiritual potential.

Ascension is about raising our vibration to a much higher level.
A large mass of people on the planet are operating at the 3rd dimensional level, characterised by lower emotions and self-interest.

As we progress on our spiritual path we begin to operate at the 4th dimensional level, as we step into our Mastery we operate at the 5th dimensional level.

As this happens we automatically attain and regain all our past spiritual gifts and abilities.

Once we step on the Ascension pathway, great forces align with our intention. For every effort we make at the human level, there is a celestial reaction 100 times greater to assist us. Ascension is our journey to completion, to becoming whole, to remembering who we are, to coming home.

Using powerful meditations, spiritual exercises, and deep healing techniques these weekends will focus on raising our vibration to a much higher level, developing and expanding the light body and activating our higher spiritual anatomy. We will also gain a much stronger and closer connection to the Ascended Masters, discovering the beings who are currently working with us and also those who are in alignment to assist us fulfil our unique purpose and potential.

Ascension involves becoming clearer, diminishing the ego, (or rather using the ego as the tool it is meant to be instead of allowing it to control us) and healing and releasing our blocks and baggage. Not only transcending our personal baggage, but eventually also our familial, cultural, national and karmic baggage. High vibrational beings, like His Holiness the Dalai Lama may wear the robes of a particular nation or religion, but they speak to the hearts of all people, regardless of origin or belief.
A true Master reaches across all boundaries as they have transcended their own.

The weekends will be tailored to each group’s needs, but where possible will include:


To meet the Ascended Masters.

To journey to Ascension Chambers.

To clear Karma.

To clear & release unhealthy cords, ties, connections to any person, place, time or event in this life or another that still negatively impacts on us.

To release curses or inappropriate vows.

To connect with the healing and ascension energy of  unicorns, dolphins and whales.

To connect with and absorb the Mahatma energy, said to quicken our spiritual growth 1000 fold.



Connecting to Masters

Huna Prayers (Powerful Polynesian manifesting tools!)

Making Decrees

Working with sound and colour.

Channelling Ascended Masters.

Chakra Exercises Powerful spiritual exercises to raise your energy to the 4th dimension, working with the Archangels.

Crystal Ascension Layouts, to release old energy held in joints and to activate our higher spiritual anatomy.

Receiving answers from the Masters.

LEARNING: Understanding Ascension, Building the Antahkarana Bridge, Building the Lightbody, Ascension Chambers and Etheric Retreats, Ways to maintain and continue raising your vibration.

POWERFUL CEREMONIES: of release, healing and transformation.

ASCENSION ATTUNEMENT: to anchor and activate the transcendental chakras.


Past Student’s Comments:

“The content of each weekend was excellent, Elizabeth has to consider the needs of the group as a whole and yet what was brought to me was spot on. It is only with hindsight from the first weekend that I can see the ongoing impact of the crystal healing layout we did and the huna prayer for example. This second weekend was mind blowing! I am nowhere near recognising the impact of all this – I am still assimilating the whole experience. It was all really, really good and the attunement was out of this world. I was incapable of voicing much at the time – in receiving the attunement I felt a veil (s?) being removed from my third eye and I was being filled with light and I took off ‘up the way’!”

“I have always felt entirely safe with any journey that Elizabeth has taken me on. I feel valued in the group and admire the way Elizabeth responds with respect to all of us and will also gently and, if need be, firmly guide us to what is relevant.”

“Elizabeth, Thank You for sharing this with us and for being who you are and offering these opportunities which are always filled with Love and Fun and Laughter and Light.”



Elizabeth qualified as an Ascension Therapist in 2005 with the University of Light and is a Master Teacher in Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Healing for the Diana Cooper School.

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