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Forgive and Forget? ..

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Mark Twain One of the cornerstones of the spiritual path is forgiveness. There is no doubt forgiving can bring great freedom, however, for big issues it is rarely straightforward and never easy. Forgiveness, like grief, is a painful yet healing process. If we […]

Takata, Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit

REIKI’S HAWAIIAN ROOTS The Aloha Law suggests that each person must think and emote good feelings to others. It advocates kindness to be expressed with tenderness; unity to be expressed with harmony; agreeableness to be expressed with pleasantness; humility to be expressed with modesty and patience to be expressed with perseverance. Reiki was discovered by […]

Current Influences

We Live In Interesting Times In ancient China, the saying  ‘May you live in interesting times!’ was not a blessing. It was recognised that for an easy life, stable and benign cosmic influences are preferable. Interesting times were only for the brave or foolhardy. Since the approach of the end of the Mayan Calendar in […]

The Ever Present Past

Many years ago, I invited a close friend to visit for the weekend when she was going through a difficult breakup. I was shocked when I saw her arrive – she was skin and bone. I offered her a Reiki session which she gladly accepted. After 2 hours she came through to the kitchen and began […]


For over 20 years, on Reiki courses, I’ve been saying that we are all, ‘Walking Wounded.’ Yesterday, I heard the wonderful comedian, writer and poet Henry Normal tell the story of a psychologist he spoke to when his son was diagnosed with autism. He told him that in 30 years all the patients who came to […]


There seems to have been a legion of tiny cherubs infiltrating our planet, dedicatedly firing their little arrows into random hearts. I see SO many of my friends finding and committing to the love of their lives. Truly in love – deeply, madly, authentically and passionately. It is so beautiful! But I think it’s important […]


The Reiki Principles encourage us to let go of worry and trust in the flow of life. This isn’t easy when we are in periods of significant change. Its in these difficult times that holding on to our spiritual practice – whether Reiki or meditation, can be our life raft. Sometimes that bank of fog […]