Current Influences

We Live In Interesting Times

In ancient China, the saying  ‘May you live in interesting times!’ was not a blessing. It was recognised that for an easy life, stable and benign cosmic influences are preferable. Interesting times were only for the brave or foolhardy. Since the approach of the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, we have very much been living in interesting times. Our current accelerated spiritual growth is due to these influences, but that doesn’t mean that they are easy!

So many people are struggling just now. One aspect of what is going on – the combination of cosmic, astrological and collective influences – is that it is forcing us to almost ‘sink or swim.’ We have to dive deep into our own emotions and responses – with absolute courage and openness/authenticity, no sweeteners, no shying from our darkness and preferably no judgement. To really look at our motivations and responses as well as what we really want from other people, situations and our lives in general. With bare authenticity.

There are a lot of negative forces around, partly because all of the above is asking am awful lot of us humans, and quite naturally, some of us are traversing these stormy waters more easily than others. And the ones not managing so well are creating even more waves for the rest of us.

The single best thing we can do is one of the hardest – to keep our own vibration as high as possible. Reiki, of course, is wonderful, but even a simple thing like making the effort to set a firm intention to stay in the flow of our Higher Self in the morning, (along with the essential practice of grounding, connecting, protecting,) can make a big difference. Keeping our own energy clear is the single best thing we can do, along with our Reiki and any regular meditation or yoga practice.

But we also need to be willing to look at and to experience the really hard places – some of the stuff coming up for many of us jus now is tapping into our emotional holdings from the past right back to childhood and therefore our responses to current circumstances may be out of all proportion to the events. This is actually a gift to enable us to go to the original pain and work on re-experiencing it, getting to know it, understand it, possibly remembering the event that caused it and eventually coming to terms with it and healing it on a deeper level. Depending on what this is, it can be a relatively quick or quite a protracted process. But one thing’s for sure – when we heal and clear it we will be lighter and brighter and have more energy and wholeness – as we will have called back and embraced that closed off aspect of ourselves.

I have also been aware since a powerful experience on 11/11 in 2011 that everything is now different. The Spiritual Laws I used to work with no longer apply in the same way. It’s like we are in a new school and we need to find out how everything works again. We don’t actually have a rule book anymore. We need to learn as we go along. It’s exciting but it ‘s also very scary. This makes our current challenges even more difficult as we have no known, established format for dealing with them – we are between two shores – having left sight of one and not yet reached the other.

Everything – all our experiences from the ‘insignificant ‘ to the huge, is useful in these times. Everything can give us awareness, pointers and access to more insight into ourselves and therefore eventually more unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others. When we are not in the flow, we can be really floundering, but when we are, we are touching bliss.