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Date(s) - 04/05/2019
All Day



We can feel completely different when our energy is clear – lighter, brighter and with more confidence and vitality.

What are you unknowingly carrying in your energy field? Often we are unaware of what we have been carrying until we clear it.

We pick up energy from the people around us all the time, especially if we are sensitive or empathic.

We can also be carrying energy and connections from past relationships which may not be healthy for us.

On this workshop we will look at ways to clear our own energy and to keep it clear – from everyday situations but also from specifics, like when someone does not wish us well, or from energies in our environment. We will also look at techniques for clearing your home or workspace.

I will share my experience and the tools and learning I have gained in 30 years of meditation, Reiki, working with higher beings, healing and shamanism.


We shower every day. We clean our teeth, our clothes, our homes, our cars. How often do we clear our energy?We pick up energy from others all the time. Even holding energy from lovely people is not particularly healthy – the problem is not that it is ‘bad’ energy, simply that it isn’t ours.
However, some energy we pick up can be toxic and can significantly affect our mood. In certain situations, we can also be ‘targeted’ with negative intentions. Others may link in to our energy in such a way that their thoughts and emotions affect us. This may sound strange, but how often have you just been thinking of a friend when they phone you? We are connected to others all the time, and it’s important to keep all our connections healthy, harmonious and light filled. Sometimes people are amazed that they have cords connecting them to people they may not have had anything to do with for years. We may even be carrying curses from a past life.
Sometimes unknowingly, we put ourselves in situations where we are vulnerable to lower energies. Once, when I was in India I was (reluctantly) persuaded to visit a ‘great guru,’ On meeting him, I recognised that there was far more ego there than enlightenment. I watched his devotee – a normally lovely, confident, empowered man transform into a 9 year old boy, desperate to please, in the guru’s presence. He wasn’t for me. However, he was insistent that I was given a photo of him, which I reluctantly took. That night his energy appeared in my room. I immediately burned the photo and cleared all connections.

Mostly we haven’t a clue what we are carrying. Even though I have been working with energy and awareness for 25 years, I was amazed recently at the difference when I did a thorough clearing. I was also amazed that I hadn’t noticed my vibration and mood deteriorating. Instantly after the cleansing, I was back! Feeling SO much better – back to myself again. That’s when I decided to offer this workshop, as it can make such a huge difference to how we are, to our mood, our relationships, our confidence and our effectiveness in our work and in the world, when we are attentive to our own energy.



So on this workshop I will lead you through some powerful clearings and techniques I have learned and developed over my 30 years working with people, working with energy and with Reiki, with angels, ascension techniques, shamanic clearing and karmic clearing. We will have a super-cleanse, spiritually and energetically. If time allows, we will also look at clearing your space, your home, your environment and land clearing. You will learn techniques for you to check in to your aura regularly to see what you are holding and more importantly, how to keep your energy clear on a daily basis. This has always been important, but more so now than ever with the vast network of connections, information and energies we are exposed to every day. And it’s more important now than ever, because our planet needs each one of us to shine and to be clear and authentic, to be homeopathic doses of whatever we want to see in the world – love, kindness, compassion, peace and pure cosmic joy.



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