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Here are some unsolicited comments from past students. All of the extracts are re-produced with permission from the writers.Dolphin%20Graphic

“Dear Elizabeth, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Reiki Course which I attended on Sunday 28th August.
It truly was an inspiring course and now having the gift of Reiki has made me look at things very differently.
I  believe it was a life changing experience. Although there was a lot to take in on the day, it was very enjoyable and you made me feel very relaxed and very welcome. I felt as if I had known you for years and not just a day.
With love, Mary”

” Reiki has transformed my life. There is no other word to describe the difference I feel in myself.
Friends I have worked with for the past 6 years cannot believe the difference in me. I feel so positive and refuse to feel put down any more. One friend at work said “you even look different”
My sister said I am back to what I was many years ago.
Reiki is beautiful, all my love,

“I consider myself blessed to have such a wonderful teacher.  You teach the real essence of Reiki
“This is just a quick note to say thanks for the amazing gift you have granted me.  I have never experienced the feelings that Reiki produces before, but it has now improved my life remarkably and I have found that the stresses in my life seem a lot easier to cope with.”
“I am having wonderful experiences with my Reiki.  I wonder how I even lived without it.”
“Thank you for lending me these things, and also to say a very big Thank You for Monday.  I had a really special day.  I feel really blessed to have you as my teacher and friend”
“I would love to come back up and work with yourself on this [Mastership Programme] as I gained so much from the First, Second and Advanced days and love your approach and ways of explaining.  The whole experience was mystical and wonderful”


“I also wanted to thank you for the weekend at the beginning of November. Reiki really has changed my life in ways I never expected!”  Ailsa


“Just a quick one to say thank you very much for the great reiki course you provided today – very much appreciated! It was great to see both —— and —— enjoying the healing and relaxation of the reiki, and it was a joy to see them both ‘en-livened’ by the end of the day – brilliant. On a personal level, I felt it most beneficial and healing. I enjoyed being with yourself and the group – everyone was helpful and approachable. I also enjoyed the ‘balance’ of males & females within the room, which I felt was a perfect mix. Often times there is an ‘imbalance’ of males /females at ‘healing or spiritual’s natured events, but it was great that this was not the case. ”
“In short; A thoroughly enjoyable day of healing, learning, and fun – well done!
Warmest wishes, Scott”


“Thank you again for being such a positive influence and for being such a kind and inspirational teacher. You have shown me how much some kind words and good advice can change someone’s world for the better. Amy”


“I honestly bless the day I met Angela who introduced me to your work and I bless the day  I met you. Reiki is just so huge thank you for taking me on this incredible journey. With love, peace and angel blessings, Graham”


“I came across an email today I had written (very old one!) telling  someone close to me about my Reiki II practical exam with you.  It really brought me back, and I was touched (found self crying) about the journey I have been on since then, and what you had said to me.  So I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life and for doing all that you do.  As if it wasn’t for you Elizabeth, I would not be where I am today.  Love and gratitude to you!!!!!  In abundance!   Amy”


“Hi Elizabethwild-ponies
I haven’t been in touch for some time now but have been busy working with animals and would very much like your comments on the following treatment:
2 weeks ago, a friends17+ Shetland Pony presented with severe weight loss, lack of appetite, lethargy, dull coat and eyes and was segretating himself from the other horses and ponies. The vet was called, who took a blood sample for testing, he thought it could be liver problems.  However when the results came back it had shown severe kidney failure.  The urea levels were up to 28% which is very dangerous (normal is about 9%).  He recommended euthenasia as there was no treatment possible.  The owner and I decided to delay this option for a while and I gave him intense Reiki sessions every day.  After the 1st treatment, only an hour after finishing, he was desperate to get out of the stable, he had found tremendous strength and was trying to kick the door down.  He was led, or rather he led, cantering into the field to join the others.  From that day on the change has been remarkable, he’s eating, gained weight, his coat is shiny, his eyes are bright, he’s running around with the others etc. The vet came out to see him again last Tuesday and was amazed to see the difference, he took another blood test and wanted to know what we had been doing.  I told him about Reiki.
The results came back yesterday and amazingly the urea level was down to 14%. I had thought that maybe the Reiki had just helped him feel more comfortable but did not expect this test result.  The vet is amazed and cannot come up with any explanation and says carry on with what you are doing and he will check Willow each week. I really would appreciate your comments.  I am stunned by the results.
love Beryl”


“I received Reiki 1 training from yourself in July 2001 I think it was and ever since then have been awakened to so many wonderful things, so I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the infinite possibilities.  I will never forget that feeling of such complete love during the attunement, so much so that I couldn’t help but weep in awe.  Since then, I’ve also taken spiritual healing courses and am now studying for a BSc in Nutritional Medicine so one day I hope to combine all these things to help people to better health in body, mind and spirit.  That’s my goal and I think my calling in life.  Life’s a bit hectic just now but I know that I need to make time to meditate and I imagine those around me are chomping at the bit for me to do so.
Wishing you continued success in your work and thank you again for your teaching.
Kind Regards, Gillian”


“I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Sunday, Even with out the attunement the meditations were wonderful beautiful and blew me away and will stay with me for this life time and others to come, I do plan on learning more and when im ready “healing” I want to help spread more love, there is not enough of it in this world.
In the meantime I will continue to give my self reiki everyday.
Yours sincerely mark”


“Hello Elizabeth, I just had to thank you for a wonderful Master/Teacher course last weekend. It was a very special experience which I will always remember. I could’nt have asked for nicer people to share the course either. Thank you for your understanding -words of wisdom etc,- look forward to seeing you for Karuna next year. Anna”


“Hiya Elizabeth,
You have no idea how often you are in my thoughts. Rarely a day goes by without me thanking God for having found you, met and worked with you.
Emotional opening? Yes, Heartfelt? Yes
You and the Retreat at Dodd Mill are never far from my heart and being. You may remember that we met when I did Reiki level I with you and Francesca in Aberdeen. What a special and enlightening day that was! Since then, I have been using Reiki in almost all of my treatments. Some people feel heat, others feel tingling (one woman got tingling all the way from her feet to her hips, just from my holding her feet), others feel nothing at all, and once, I got a strong electric shock through my hand when holding the foot of a man with a dodgey leg.
I wanted to ask if you could remember something you said during the guided meditation. You spoke of us reclaiming our magic, power, and then SOMEthing about grace. It was so beautiful I was determined to remember it, but as I was in no position to write it down (being filled and surrounded as I was by fiercely bright light), I forgot. I wanted to keep that as a sort of mantra, as it were.
Meeting you was absolutely astonishing, by the way. With my personal faith being Christian but completely ecumenical (after all, we are ALL God’s children, and He doesn’t play favourites), finding you was EXACTLY what I was needing. Seeing that one can combine Reiki, Christianity and all good things was, and is, very powerful. Even though it was Francesca who attuned me (she is LOVELY), I feel a very strong link with you.
All of your students must feel that, but I have been meaning to write and say this since I got home.”


“I wanted to send this email to give thanks to yourselves for giving me this gift. I have a feeling of contentment today and like so many others have said before, a feeling of coming home. I returned to work today after being off sick for six months. When I came back I had no apprehension and no fear of pain which has ruled my life so far this year.  K”


“Thank you for allowing me to have a fantastic weekend and thank you for introducing me to Reiki. It’s just over a year since I started my training with you and I am fascinated by the transformation in me. I have never felt so happy and so at ease with myself. Life is wonderful! Ike!!! Lots of love
Donna XXX”

“Hello Elizabeth, Just thought I would take the time out to send you an email to thank you for the Attunement on Friday. It was an experience I will never forget. Presently, I am feeling 10 years younger than I was before coming to your meeting. My knees no longer hurt and I find my brain is functioning at a higher level and I am sleeping better. The feeling on the top of my head is still there. But is getting smaller by the day.
Thank you for the gift of Reiki.
I wish you success in everything to want to do. Please keep in touch. Regards, John”

General Comments including Karuna CoursesAnn

“The most beautiful experience you will ever have is to do Karuna with Elizabeth on Holy Island.”


“I think miracles occurred this weekend.”

“A fantastic and life changing experience.”


“One of the most profound and beautiful experiences of my life.”

“Elizabeth is wonderful, she is a phenomenal and very gifted teacher.”

“A wonderful, life changing experience, could not be surpassed!”

“The attunements were beautiful and of the highest order.”


“She is an angel on loan to us from the heavens and for that we are truly thankful, for she makes this world a lighter place. Thank you. Namaste.”

“A transformational experience.”

“deep, deep sense of unconditional love, feeling great peace with myself.”

“Impossible to describe – it was such a profound, life changing experience.”

“Answers were always well considered and delivered with great love and kindness.”

“Elizabeth has excellent interpersonal skills and is very caring regarding her students. A truly beautiful person.”

“Amazing, formidable, one of the best, powerful experiences of my life.”

“Using Reiki to empower an individuals affirmations through the group was incredibly powerful for me.”

“The course was geared to give everybody their own space and to learn at their own pace.”

“It was perfect!”

“I let go of years of fear, I suppose by being accepted as just who I am! No need for a mask.”

“The most positive experience I had was letting go of my baggage. Thank you!”

“It was a beautiful experience.”

“Wonderful. This was where I was meant to be.”

“A wonderful, enlightening experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Wonderful, lovely classmates.”

“More than worth the journey getting here – and I would relive the experience in a flash.”

“I have been taught spiritual knowledge and Reiki by many teachers, but so far Elizabeth has been the most loving and caring teacher I have ever met.”

“The attunements were out of this world!”

“Clear teaching with love and compassion  – an empowering, rich experience.”

“Mind blowing!”

“The workshop was more than I ever envisaged. The finest and most powerful course I have attended.”

“The most positive experience for me was releasing pain stored within the cells for decades. I feel at peace with myself and this planet.”

“An excellent course presented by a gifted teacher.”

“Beyond expectations. I didn’t expect the energy to be so powerful.”

“Excellent, a course that must be done. Very powerful.”

“Spiritual, fulfilling, loving, supportive, beautiful, memorable.”

“Life altering, it allowed old emotions to be healed and a new peace and serenity to enter.”

“Wonderful. It was perfect.”

“It was the most wonderful, exciting, spiritual journey which has helped me understand the power of the universe. And the journey has just begun!”

The most positive experience for me was to go home knowing my spiritual guides ans the connections made with the other people.”

“Life changing. Being in a loving, supportive environment with a group that was filled with compassion.”

“Perfect course in perfect surroundings.”


“I think miracles occurred this weekend.”

“A fantastic and life changing experience.”


“One of the most profound and beautiful experiences of my life.”

“Elizabeth is wonderful, she is a phenomenal and very gifted teacher.”

“A wonderful, life changing experience, could not be surpassed!”


“She is an angel on loan to us from the heavens and for that we are truly thankful, for she makes this world a lighter place. Thank you. Namaste.”