History & Development

MT Eliz & Gaston 06How The Metamorphic Technique Was Born

(Now known by some long term teachers and practitioners as Metamorphic Touch.)

The Metamorphic Technique evolved from reflexology, through the work of Robert St John, a well known naturopath.  During the 1960’s he discovered that he could bring about significant changes by using what he termed “Metamorphosis”. He had become dissatisfied with his general naturopathic practice because he had come to recognise that we create our own stresses, which then causes our illnesses.  His current methods of treatment did nothing to alter the underlying patterns of internal stresses, and therefore the results he achieved were temporary. This dissatisfaction with his work led him to explore Reflexology. He noticed that the reflexology charts were all different, so he decided to do some research for himself. He created his own charts of the reflex points on the feet, as he had found them. From here here he made the discovery that problems in the body could be related not only to the reflex points on the feet, but also to the corresponding area on the spinal reflex points.  He discovered that working the spinal reflex area alone was just as effective as working the whole foot.

web size MT close upRobert St John began to look deeper and observe the psychological effects of his treatments. Whilst working on the heel area, he noticed a corresponding association within the patient with what he came to call the mother principle. He found that if there were blocks or imbalances in that area (which reflects the base of the spine, the sexual organs and the point of birth) then there were also difficulties with either the relationship between the patient and her mother, or with the mother principle within the patient herself, i.e. the ability to express or to receive caring, nurturing and love. The mothering principle reflects how we have been mothered, how we mother others and how we mother ourselves, regardless of our sex. It also reflects our ability to be in touch with reality, to be earthed, to be grounded.

551807_526666947352973_1464301898_nHaving found the mother principle around the heel area, he began to wonder if there was a father principle. He discovered that if there were blocks on the area around the first joint of the big toe, he also found corresponding psychological difficulties with the father principle i.e. with the biological father or any external authority figures. Later observations showed that this area may also reflect difficulties with expressing our own inner authority or fathering qualities, with acknowledging and enacting our right to be ourselves and even at a deep level, with accepting our right to be here at all.  Having recognised these psychological states, Robert St John realised that there was a psychological map superimposed upon the physical reflex map. He then made the most significant discovery of all. He found that between the father principle reflected at the toe and the mother principle reflected at the heel, lay another map, the time period of our nine months spent in the womb.


MT hands India improvedIt is at conception that the father plays his main role, as it is only here that he fully participates in the creation of the incoming life. The mother also participates at conception, but it is really at the birth that she plays her most active role in the production of the baby. Between these two crucial events, we have the gestation period, which in the Metamorphic Technique is reflected between the areas of the father principle and the mother principle, i.e. along the side of feet, hands and along the centre of the head. Therefore, when we work with the Metamorphic Technique, we are actually working on the time structure during which all our characteristics were primarily established. Negative patterns we have held since conception onwards e.g. deep-rooted fear and dread in a child  who has been conceived in rape, emotional patterns of feeling rejected and unwanted in children born to mothers who have been refused abortions, the impulsiveness and yet vulnerability and fear of consequences in those born prematurely, etc., can all be transformed.

Many amazing stories have been told about this work, but it was one particular lady who made Robert St. John realised its importance and that it was time for him to make it public. She came to Robert St John  with her six week old Down’s Syndrome baby daughter. He gave the baby weekly sessions, and taught the mother how to perform the technique on the baby at home every day. By the end of that year all her symptoms had gone. The last to disappear were the slight slant of her eyes and the bump on her neck. The extra chromosome which causes the syndrome had not gone, but it was no longer operative.

Over the last 30 years Gaston St. Pierre, who studied extensively with Robert St. John in the 1970’s, has continued the work which is now known as the Metamorphic Technique. He set up the Metamorphic Association in London in 1979 to promote the technique worldwide. He continued to train parents, practitioners and teachers until his passing in 2012.

web-size-AGNESAlthough the technique itself is very simple, the philosophy and principles behind are deep and fascinating. This, combined with the fact that there have not been many teachers may be why the technique is not as yet as widely known as other  modalities. It does however claim some very famous and inspirational followers, including Diana Cooper (International workshop leader and author) and also one of the director of the Life Foundation – a wonderful organisation dedicated to world peace and relief of suffering in war torn areas through therapies and energy block techniques.

I believe that the Metamorphic Technique or Metamorphic Touch is the choice of the future. When we are a little more ready to accept the inexplicable, more open to energy medicine and more aware of our spiritual inheritance and incredible human potential, then the Metamorphic Technique will be as widespread, accepted and commonplace as Aromatherapy or Reiki are today.