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January 2010 Newsletter (Short Version)

January 2010 Newsletter (Full Version)

Individual Articles:

Reiki’s Hawaiian Roots
Aloha from Hawaii
Approaching 2012
Peace Meditation for 2012
Whale Tails and Dolphin Dreams
2011 Hawaii Course
Reiki Tip
2010 Courses
February 2009
Chasing the Light, Sami Trance Drum Healing, Ascension Courses, 888 Invocation, Reiki Babies, Karuna 2009, Meditation Retreat, Reiki Mastership Programme, Angel Teacher Training, Metamorphic Technique in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Ireland, Angel Courses, Crystal Healing and Advanced Reiki Courses.

Spring 2008
New Beginnings, Shambala Meditation Retreat, Tibet, Angel Courses, Reiki Awareness Week 2008, Angel Teacher Training, Crystal Course and New Advanced Course, IPTI Course Accreditation, Reiki Regulation.

February 2007
Denver and Bimini, Pyramids, Diana Cooper, Distant Healing, Dolphins, Angel Courses.

December 2005
The Peacechain, Metamorphic course with Gaston Saint Pierre, Hospital Reiki Project, Diana Cooper in Aberdeen.

Spring 2004

Summer 2003

Autumn 2002

Spring 2002