Reiki II (Okuden)

Okuden, or Second Degree Reiki is the practitioner level487013_364149293669287_883475458_n

The second degree allows you to practise Reiki professionally, but it is also very beneficial for your personal use. It is necessary if you intend to practice on the public, whether you are charging for the session or not. However, because of the attunement, which further strengthens the flow of Reiki and the powerful new tools you will learn, many people take it for their own benefit and in order to do distance work.
In the Second Degree Workshop you are given three sacred symbols, or keys which refine, focus and maximize the energy flow, each having a specific function and vibration.  You will receive the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distance Symbol. These symbols were put into your aura during the First Degree Attunements. What happens during the Second Degree Attunements is that these symbols are brought into your conscious awareness, enabling you to have much more flexibility in your use of Reiki, in healing and transformation for self and others. The keys, or symbols, help to focus your mind so that Reiki energy can be sent beyond time and space, and much more.

Effects of Reiki II Attunement:

There is an increase in the power of the Reiki energy.  It comes in faster, feels stronger and the rate of flow is increased.
The energy is not just more of the same energy, it is of a higher vibrational rate.  There is a further opening of the chakra’s on the palms.
Hands and arms will adjust to the further opening of the Reiki channels which will be established during the 21 day cleansing period.
Be prepared for changes on many different levels; e.g.. Lifestyle, diet etc.; the Second Degree Attunement can create a quantum leap in intuitive awareness, and expand consciousness.  This is due to the further opening of the 3rd eye and crown chakra’s.
Many other differences will become apparent as you explore the potential of the sacred symbols.

*Alternative option: Online with individual distance attunement, small group Zoom sessions, (usually 3 sessions,)  with manual, videos and ongoing support. Optional in-person attunement at no extra cost when that is possible. Book here and get in touch to arrange your sessions. 

Date/Time Event
01/10/2022 - 02/10/2022
All Day
Reiki II (Okuden)
Avalon, Roseisle Moray

Course Content Includes:RSG good group

Second Degree Attunement.
Forming the symbols.
Uses of the symbols and mantras.
Healing the subconscious mind – Mental Reprogramming
Absent healing techniques.
Healing the past.
Empowering future goals and events.
Scanning and beaming.
Aura cleansing and protection.
Following the course, you are invited to complete of 6 simple case studies.
You also have the opportunity to have an individual practice session with your tutor to ensure that you are confident with the use of the symbols, hand positions and practice. This is an excellent opportunity for reassurance and to gain confidence in your practice.  You can use this opportunity to raise any questions you may have and discuss any issues that have come up.

Reiki II is a professional qualification enabling you to purchase practitioner  insurance and set up your Reiki practice when ready. You will receive on-going support through the Reiki Groups and by email where required.