Reiki Support Group

Aberdeen and Avalon Reiki Groups

The Reiki Support Group is an opportunity to get together with like minded people, for continued learning and generally sharing ideas, experiences, insights and questions in a loving and supportive environment. We usually begin with a meditation to get everyone prepared, then discuss any questions people may have or perhaps go over the hand positions – whatever is required. We then get the couches organised for the Reiki sessions and work on each other.

While it is wonderful to give ourselves Reiki regularly, it is also important to receive it from others periodically.

There are three aspects to the Reiki practice:

  1. Giving ourselves Reiki
  2. Receiving Reiki from others
  3. Giving Reiki to others

The Reiki groups are especially useful if you don’t have someone else to work on or to receive Reiki from, but its also always lovely to share time with like minded people and see how everyone is getting on with their Reiki. Sometimes we also have chat/discussion groups and also do the Reiki II practical sessions at the support group.

Attendance at Reiki groups can be used towards your Reiki CPD (Continuing Professional Development) The UK Reiki Federation requires practitioners to have 12 hours CPD per annum, 6 of which need to be Reiki specific and 6 may be general professional development.

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