There seems to have been a legion of tiny cherubs infiltrating our planet, dedicatedly firing their little arrows into random hearts. I see SO many of my friends finding and committing to the love of their lives. Truly in love – deeply, madly, authentically and passionately. It is so beautiful!

But I think it’s important to not feel that there is something missing or wrong when relationships don’t end in that fairytale, eternal commitment. The true value of a relationship is not measured by its longevity, but by its inheritance.

Has it enabled us to move forward in life, to learn valuable lessons about ourselves, about our responses, our knee jerk reactions, our patterns, our core beliefs and about what we truly want and do not want in a future relationship?


Has it shown us where we need to heal our own issues? Has it encouraged us to see our own beauty, value and worth, irrespective of others opinions – to seek love from within?

To learn to love and value ourselves?


It is too easy, particularly, (but not exclusively,) for women, to give not just our hearts, but our very souls away in a relationship. However, when we do that, the ‘other’ is left with a soulless mate! And we wonder why that doesn’t feel good!

We need to keep our soul. They are not for barter, we never get the love we seek in return!


We just become hollow shadows then wonder why the relationship has lost its light and joy. And, ideally we shouldn’t give our hearts away either. Why would we? Do we want to become heartless? No, we need to keep our hearts where they are, pumping away strongly in our own centre, and simply, joyously and freely give away the product of the heart – Love.


If you currently feel that you have ‘lost heart,’ know that although it might feel like you gave your heart away and it got broken … You didn’t! You really didn’t! Take a moment to stop reading and close your eyes, tune in to the pulsing in your chest. Your heart. Your heartbeat. It is still there. You have it safe. It’s home. It’s real. It’s yours. And it still works, and it is still capable of great love.


And the thing about Love is – it actually doesn’t matter who or what the recipient is, whether that is a person, a sunset, a pet, a poem, – treasure and nurture all the hearts output, for the more we love, the more we can love.


And it is not the object of that love that is the treasure, it is Love itself.





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