Advanced Reiki (Master Practitioner)

The Advanced training represents a quantum shift in your healing ability – enabling you to release deep seated blocks in yourself and others.

It accelerates your personal & spiritual development and strengthens your healing and intuitive abilities. The Advanced course is particularly helpful for practitioners who would like more tools to work at deeper levels with clients and also on your own healing.The Psychic Surgery (Auric Cleansing) technique can have spectacular results in a relatively short time.


The Advanced or Master Practitioner course includes powerful new techniques to increase the scope and effectiveness of your personal & professional practice.

Course Content:

  • Attunement to Master Practitioner Level.
  • The Usui Master Symbol: form, mantra, use and effects.
  • Psychic Surgery removes negative energy or blocks from the psyche, cellular level and energy system. This technique combines Reiki energy with a Kahuna healing technique and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming.) It is a powerful & illuminating tool to help you discover, locate & heal the cause of blocks & difficulties within yourself and others. It can be amazing to discover the underlying cause of acute or long standing problems! It works with physical as well as mental, emotional or energetic blocks. It can be amazingly succinct and powerful, often achieving spectacular results where other methods have failed.
  • Setting up a crystal grid to have powerful Reiki healing sent continuously to yourself, your loved ones, world situations and goals. This grid enables you to save time and effortlessly and effectively send Reiki to a limitless number of people, goals and situations.
  • Meditation Techniques for healing, manifesting goals, assisting focus, visualisation abilities and expansion of consciousness.
  • An empowering Moving Meditation to increases your confidence & clarity of mind, balance chakras, ground your spirituality, connect to your higher self and open to higher energies, all in 3 minutes a day!

Advanced is also an excellent preparation for the Master/Teacher Level as it encompasses very powerful ways of raising the vibration and working with the Reiki energy on deep psychological levels. Like all good Reiki techniques, these teachings are wonderful for yourself as well as for your clients and as such provide valuable tools for your deep healing, personal development and spiritual growth. Attendance at the Advanced course can be used for your Reiki CPD, giving in excess of the requisite annual 6 hours of direct Reiki content, (There are 12 hours in total, but the other 6 can be in any supportive area.) It is considered acceptable because it is considered an extra stage between practitioner and Master, rather than one of the necessary Reiki level courses, (i.e. Reiki II or Masters are necessary to become a practitioner or a Teacher, therefore are not extra studies.)

*Alternative option: Online with individual distance attunement, small group Zoom sessions, (usually 3 sessions,)  with manual, videos and ongoing support. Optional in-person attunement at no extra cost when that is possible. Book here and get in touch to arrange your sessions. 

Date/Time Event
05/11/2022 - 06/11/2022
All Day
Advanced Reiki Training - (Master Practitioner)
Avalon, Roseisle Moray


History of the Advanced Reiki Class

It was William Rand who first began offering an Advanced class. He felt that there was a gap in that many people wanted a bit more after Reiki II, but were not ready or did not want to commit to the Master level. So he combined some very useful techniques he had been using, along with the attunement to the Master symbol and called it ‘Advanced.’ There is a still a further attunement to be received at the Master/Teacher level with an additional 2 symbols, so the M/P level is not an traditional Master level, as you will not have all the requirements to pass Reiki on to others. It is more for your personal benefit and also very much for serious practitioners, as the psychic Surgery Technique can sometimes reach areas that just wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. The other techniques included all work together to support your energetic and spiritual evolution, as well as personal healing of fundamental blocks that could be unconsciously holding you back.

After a time, others began including their own ‘Advanced Reiki’ classes. Therefore there is no uniform syllabus – individual Masters put whatever they want into their classes, therefore the content varies widely. Over time, some people began to assume that because this class followed Reiki II and came before the Masters, then it must be Reiki III. However, traditionally there was only 3 levels – I, II and III, which was the Masters. Again, as people received the Master symbol in the Advanced, someone came up with the idea that it should be called a Masters. So the term, ‘Master/Practitioner’ was coined, to differentiate this level from the true, traditional Masters which then began to be called, ‘Master/Teacher.’ Personally I am happy to call it ‘Advanced.’ It does what it says on the tin 🙂 I am more concerned with content than labels and not too motivated by titles, however, in deference to changing times, I use both.

I also love the psychic Surgery technique. To be honest, I don’t use it very often, but when it is required, nothing else will do. I have witnessed some very powerful healings with it, both in my practice and on the classes. Again there has been change here. After a time, some people became uncomfortable with the term, ‘psychic surgery,’ due to its connection with the Philippian type of healing, and with psychic mediums. Neither of which it has anything to do with! William and others then began to call it, ‘Reiki Breathwork.’ However, to me that just doesn’t describe it. The ‘psychic’ in psychic healing is referring to the ‘psyche,’ where our deep, unconscious and subconscious impulses, motivations and fears stem from. This is where we often find the blocks that may have been there from childhood or even carried from other lives. That is why it is used most often on issues or problems that we don’t know the cause of.

William had been living on Hawaii and working with a Kahuna – a native Hawaiian Shamanic Healer. His background was in hypnotherapy and NLP. So when he merged the very effective NLP process with the powerful shamanic technique to remove old energy, and suffused it all with Reiki – Psychic Surgery was born. I have noticed over the years that when you add our wonderful Reiki to an already powerful & successful technique, (like affirmations in the Reiki II Mental Reprogramming technique,) it exponentially increases its effectiveness.