This wonderful, relaxing revitalising weekend can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced meditators.

If you would like to learn more about meditation, explore different ways of meditating and perhaps learn some new techniques that you feel comfortable with and can fit into your routine at home and work, then this relaxing, regenerating and revitalising weekend workshop is for you!

Experience the basic forms of meditation using breath, awareness, movement, sound, chanting, mantras, mudras and  guided visualisation. To bring balance to the weekend you will have the opportunity to join in some yoga sessions. The yoga, chanting and some meditation sessions will be optional to help you tailor the weekend according to what you need and enjoy – you may prefer to opt out of some sessions in order to sleep, swim, walk or spend time exploring the beaches, woodland, hills or fields surrounding Avalon or perhaps visit the world famous Findhorn foundation nearby.

There are many paths to inner peace. As we are all different, the best path or combination of paths, is the one that suits us as a unique individual.  True inner peace, like true happiness, is not dependent on external circumstances, but becomes the mental/emotional bedrock of our existence. Inner peace, like contentment, is a skill that can be learnt. Meditation is the tool for finding inner peace that is common to all traditions in some form.

Research has shown when we meditate our brain wave pattern alters from the usual beta waves, through the more relaxed alpha waves, to theta and even delta. Alpha ranges from 7-12 HZ and is a place of deep relaxation where we access our creativity. In sleep and the higher states of meditation we experience theta, at 4-7 HZ. This is where the senses are withdrawn from the external to the internal, and is the optimum level for deep thought. Delta waves occur at 0.5-3HZ in the deepest sleep or deepest meditation and confers a profound sense of deep peace.

This Meditation Weekend offers the opportunity to:

  • Discover the most effective way for you to meditate
  • Experience and learn several different meditation techniques
  • Discover the most effective way for you to meditate
  • Recharge your batteries
  • Relax, Rejuvenate and Refresh
  • Take some time out for yourself
  • Enjoy some simple and effective yogic exercises
  • Develop skills to use in your daily life to help you become and remain calm, relaxed, focused and energised.

Some sessions are optional to enable you to tailor the retreat to your own requirements.

Tune into what feels right for you and have fun!


I first began meditating in the late 80’s. I began with Transcendental Meditation, but have used many, many methods since, including Buddhist meditations, Reiki Meditations and the Ashaya’s Ascension techniques. My favourite advice on meditation came from the Buddha. He said,

Begin. And Continue.

There will be one (non residential) Retreat at Avalon in 2018 on the full moon, Easter weekend of the 31st March/1st April. To book either contact Elizabeth or go onto the ‘Dates/Booking’ page and click the link on page 2 or click here