Person-Centred Counselling

Counselling can be helpful at times of change in our lives, including loss and bereavement, (including loss of companion animals,) or if anticipating a loss, which can also bring a lot of pain. It can be helpful at times of uncertainty, times of confusion or decision making, and times when we feel we are changing and not sure where that is heading. It can be helpful when we want to make changes in ourselves or our circumstances, but are unsure how to do that or when it seems too big a task. It can also be helpful when we feel stuck, or with periods of anxiety or depression, or when we notice we are being triggered and fear things maybe getting out of our control. It can be helpful with relationship difficulties, and useful when sensing the past has left an imprint that we’d like to explore or be free from. Or simply when we want to explore who we are, (or who we can become,) and reveal more of our potential, or perhaps explore what is preventing us from doing that. There is no issue too small or too big – we can take it one step at a time.

Counselling provides a safe, 100% confidential space to gently explore ourselves, whatever is bothering us and what might lie beneath that. We can’t change what we can’t see. We humans are complex creatures and each one of us is unique: Sadly there is no manual, we just have to work ourselves out as we go along. An independent, non-judgmental and empathic, compassionate other can act as witness as well as holding a creative space for exploration. 

My basic approach and way of being is person-centred, whilst the psychodynamic approach offers an awareness of potential links between past and present, conscious and unconscious, and of how patterns of development can affect us at different stages.  Trauma informed practice offers appropriate pacing and techniques to mitigate some of the challenging physical as well as psychological effects of difficult past experiences in a way that makes it more manageable. 

I’ve been working with people for many decades and the phrase I’ve used in my classes is, ‘We are all walking wounded.’ We all have our issues, our hurt, our difficulties. This matters because whilst we might be functioning well on the outside; how we feel on the inside, (consciously and unconsciously,) affects many aspects of our lives, including how our bodies function. It also seeps out into our relationships through our attitudes, beliefs about ourselves, our behaviour and therefore it also affects how others see us and respond to us. 

You might just need the space for someone to be there 100% for you, where you know you will not be judged no matter what you bring or say. Or you might want to explore an aspect of yourself, your behaviour, your life or relationships. Talking helps. Even when the presenting issue is very clear, it can be surprising what can be feeding into it that perhaps you weren’t even aware of. As I’ve been saying on my courses for decades: Feel, Reveal, Heal: when we give ourselves the space to feel deeply into what’s going on, we gain insight into what all is playing into that. When we have understanding, we have choices, we are more empowered, and that can lead to resolution and integration. We can embrace new aspects of ourselves we might not even have been aware of. Understanding leads to a greater acceptance of ourselves, and hopefully eventually to a greater compassion and appreciation of ourselves and the journey we have been on. As each journey is different you might just need a few sessions of counselling or you might want to make it an important part of your life for a time.

Contact me if you’d like a free 20 minute chat

If you think counselling might be helpful but would like a chat about it before booking, just get in touch to arrange a time. We can do this on Zoom or by phone. If you’d like to go ahead, sessions are £40 for 55 minutes. We can work in-person, (Elgin or Burghead,) by phone or on Zoom. Contact Elizabeth Harley email

Counselling can help us see our problems more clearly and helps us understand ourselves and the reasons we feel as we do.

Qualifications and Experience

I have experience working with grief & bereavement, anxiety & depression, relationship difficulties, complex trauma, PTSD, abuse, developmental trauma, mental health issues and general life challenges.
I currently volunteer as a counsellor with Women’s Aid and volunteer on the board of Moray Handyperson Services.


Introduction to Counselling Skills 1995 (Aberdeen University)
Certificate in Thought Field Therapy 2004 (Association for Thought Field Therapy)
COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills 2020 (Moray College,UHI)
Cetificate in online and Telephone Counselling 2021 (Counselling Tutor)
Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy 2022 (Moray College,UHI)
Certificate in Psychodynamic Theory 2022 (Bedfordshire Centre for Therapeutic Studies.)
Practitioner Member of COSCA