Working With Angels

Experience a weekend spent in the highest energies and learn how to access this level for yourself with a variety of techniques for healing, clearing guidance and connecting with high beings. Raise your vibration and spend time in the company of angels & high beings to increase your light, raise your energy and manifest your goals. Special emphasis will be on clearing out old energies, influences and karma that may be still affecting us, enabling us to shine our light brighter and more authentically and to walk our unique path with greater confidence & success.

We will be willing conduits, connecting heaven & earth to raise our vibration and to bring through more of the incredible energy and possibilities available to us just now. Not just for ourselves, but also to raise consciousness on the whole planet.

On this 2 day workshop we will strengthen our connections to heaven and earth by working with the 7 spheres of angelic realms. This will enable us to live more fully conscious and present, expressing more of our incredible human potential on the earth at this time.


Day 1

The purpose of today is to clear out old energies, (conscious or unconscious,) that might be limiting us, keeping us small, blocking us from moving forward in our lives, opening more fully to Life and evolving spiritually.

With the help of the angels, discover what is appropriate to clear from your system – energy blocks, old pain, trauma, regrets, resentments, hurts, wounds, memories, emotions, beliefs, also other people’s energies or negative influences.

We will be using specific techniques and working with Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel & St Germaine to clear, heal & remove old energies that dim our light, lower our vibration, drain our energy, or keep us stuck in old patterns.

Using a variety of ancient and new techniques, we will heal and clear their resonances from our system from the cellular to Karmic levels. This will be an all level clear out!

Day 2

Today we are ready to bring in the highest energy, said to accelerate our spiritual evolution a thousand fold. We will also work consciously with this energy to awaken and restore the Divine blueprint throughout our physical systems – balancing and revitalising, renewing and rejuvenating all glands, organs and body systems to regain & maintain optimal form, function, output and response to body needs. We will also work on clearing, strengthening and healing of the meridian, chakra & auric systems.

We will also work with Archangel Gabriel in order to receive insight and guidance on our paths & our lives in order to manifest our highest dreams and fulfil our highest purpose and potential. Connecting to the Angelic energies, we will envision the life and dreams we choose to bring happiness, fulfilment, purpose and meaning, we will receiving insight into the validity of these dreams and receive guidance on what steps to take and any qualities to cultivate to bring them to fruition.